Who Killed Bambi

WHO KILLED BAMBI is an experienced string ensemble specialized in studio and live sessions. The ensemble is driven by a musical curiosity and an urge to experiment and seek new musical limits. The musicians are trained in classical music and have experience with folk, jazz and improvisation music. The ensemble has a rich and mature sound combined with a musical freedom, which makes them attractive in a wide variety of musical genres.

WKB had their debut in 2009. Since then the ensemble has performed and recorded with numerous well-established artists – Danish as well as international. Father John Misty, Oh Land, Rod Stewart, Steffen Brandt, Pernille Rosendahl, Teitur, Ane Brun among others.

What is +?

WHO KILLED BAMBI’s main focus is a project called ”+” based on collaborations with various artists. Originality and new creations come together when WKB perform original music with the creating artists in front solely accompanied by strings. + makes popular music melt together with classical instruments in a sound that goes beyond genres and norms.

In 2019 WHO KILLED BAMBI released their first instrumental album simply called “WHO KILLED BAMBI”.