Kajsa Vala

With an Icelandic mother and a Danish father, Kajsa Valas music has roots planted in the Nordic mud. But she has lived in Nashville several times to dive deep into the craft of songwriting and has shaped her own role in the American music tradition. Kajsa has created her very own sound. 

In her own way she intersects somewhere between Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch and Cat see in the Swedish sisters of First Aid Kit, who are also not afraid of crossing genres. Kajsa Vala is an excellent lyricist, a sensational vocalist and a female guitarist who mastered her instrument, from acoustic and dobro to a strong, heavy rootsy electric guitar. Around her, she has the musicians Anders Thorborg, Astrid Steen Noringriis, and the brothers Nis and Kristian Hybel. A closely matched team.