Easy Shapes

Easy Shapes became a reality in 2016. Some of the band members knew each other from other band constellations, but when all five of them met and started playing music, the chemistry was right, and the band Easy Shapes was born! 

The energy and the catchy melodies comes from a broad spectrum of inspiration ranging from Pantera to John Mayer and that diversity manifests in the music that is a mixture of high energetic rock parts and softer pop melodies and passages: 

I think our music really displays our different influences. We have a good mixture out of energetic rock parts and softer pop like melodies and passages. 

Dennis is really into heavier and older music like Pantera and Kiss, which definitely contributes to our sound, but then on the other hand we’ralso influenced by music like the Hunna, the 1975, Foals, alt-J, John Mayer. Jonte Friedrichsen – Lead singer 

Experiencing the band live is an explosive combination of raw power, high energy and great musicianship, and the band manages to capture the listeners attention throughout the entire show.