Bonnie Cried

Bonnie Cried was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in the summer of 2013. Initially the band were brought together to perform compositions by co-frontman, Daniel Kittow (New Zealand) under his stage act “Daniel Dumont”. A decision was made however to use the strengths of Bobby McBride’s (USA) dark lyric writing and strong vocals paired with the group’s mutual love of 60s garage and R&B sounds.  

The new group was christened Bonnie Cried and Kittow and McBride shared lead vocals and guitar duties. The result of the partnership was a batch of songs with broad influences from early surf and garage (Link Wray, The Zombies), modern deep soul (Menahan Street band, Budos Band) to dashes of dark Americana and blues.   

The band chose to record their debut material in Lightning Recorders, a converted ammunition factory in East Berlin’s industrial district. The result was a self-titled e.p. that purveyed the bands influences – both modern and old from the dusty lens of Lightning’s authentic analogue environment, usually reserved for rockabilly and country sessions.   

The group remain active and are currently preparing for a full-length collection of material.