Frederik Snæland

“Alt i Alt” (All in All) is the sound of isolated concentration.

In mid-2019, Danish pianist and composer Frederik Snæland released his debut piano composition “A Melody Of”, and after that another 5 singles have followed.

During the COVID 19 crisis, Frederik Snæland isolated himself in his studio to research and develop the very special piano sound he had already been working on. He wanted to push the boundaries in the recording process while avoiding the sound becoming too perfect. During the isolation period Frederik also discovered that he was ready to try a different release form than singles, thereby creating more coherence between the individual tracks.

Sound Research

The sound research turned into an intense and concentrated writing process as well and Frederik had barely written the tracks before they were even recorded. As a result, all the tracks on the EP “Alt i Alt” are very unpolished and immediate, and that is exactly where he sees the strength of the release.

“I would not cultivate Perfection in myself, but instead the Natural I who breathes best when the inner child is allowed to take charge.”

The debut EP

“Alt i Alt” is the result – an EP where the joy of creating is the focus and where the process has been boiled down so much that there has been no room for doubt in the recording process. “Alt i Alt” is also a positive and impulsive result of the COVID 19 lockdown period and proof that something beautiful can come out of something bad.

About the EP title, Frederik Snæland explains: “I think “Alt i Alt” is a title that sums up the whole process, and there is something immediate and calm in the sentence. The fact that there is no conclusion leaves room for the EP’s final “goal” which is to be in the hands and hearts of the listeners.”

“Alt i Alt” is available on all streaming and download services on Friday, May 29, 2020.