Formed in 2019, Lightchapter found its form and style during the dystopian onset of the pandemic in 2020. The band’s expression is shaped by a time of despondency, melancholy, and a longing for the utopian.

From the beginning, Lightchapter has been about the musical experiments. The band has spent countless hours in the studio working on the songs and fine-tuning the musical expression. They draw inspiration from a wide range of artists, from the pioneers of classic melo-death to the kings of 80’s synth paradise such as Depeche Mode and Gary Numan.

The text universe partly deals with deeply personal subjects such as anxiety, grief and anger, which translates as a reflection of the world’s tumultuous state, and partly portrays images of  the dystopian world, which at times feels all too familiar. Lightchapter finds their distinctiveness in the incorporation of eighties synth nostalgia into their own version of brutal melo-death. The expression is both primal and at the same time sophisticated and refined. The music is simultaneously brutal yet beautiful, nostalgic yet modern.

As the world slowly works its way out of the pandemic and continues to deal with conflict and struggle, Lightchapter is poised to make a name for themselves as one of the most exciting new bands on the metal scene. With their dedication to experimentation and their musical vision, they are aiming for more. Out of the pandemic came the EP “It all ends tonight” and Lightchapter, during the return of the war in Europe, created their debut album “Time to obey”. Lightchapter’s unique electro death groove acts as a devastating outpouring of pent-up emotions  and frustrations.

Mikkel Ottosen: Guitar and vocals
Anders Berg: Guitar
Kalle Herborg: Bass
Tobias Høst: Drums

TIME TO OBEY is out on all streaming platforms worldwide