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Dvi$hi - Foto: Lasse Chamara Quist Madsen


His name is Malik Jackie Dervishi and he performs under the artist name Dvi$hi Dvi$hi grew up with his 3 sisters and his mother in an apartment in Hundige (DK). His twin sister, Malika and his second eldest sister, Susan, played the violin, and therefore Dvi$hi woke up throughout his childhood to the sound of the violin. He even went to piano lessons for a while but stopped after some time because he lost interest in piano playing but not in music at all. Ever since Dvi$hi was a teenager, he has always had a clear vision of standing on the big stage in front of a lot of people and share his passion for music. He wanted to be a beatmaker, topliner, songwriter, and producer! By 2010, Dvi$hi had entered a bad environment and therefore moved to Spain to get away from it. It was simply time to a fresh start with a whole new mindset and with full focus on the music. Spain proved to be the perfect place to redefine Dvi$hi's sound and he grew tremendously fast as a producer in the year he was in Spain. He quickly captured the Latin vibes and was able to incorporate it into his own music when he was working in the studio. Dvi$hi lived with his aunt and her Cuban husband, so Spanish was spoken around the clock. It became his second home and while Dvi$hi was in Spain he also went to language school and therefore learned the Spanish language very quickly. When he was not learning Spanish or playing music, he spent his meager free time practicing martial arts. “The stay in Spain was a fantastic turning point in my life. I discovered the warm and vibrant Spanish culture and music and was sold on the spot! I knew right away that this was the direction I was going to go with my own music.” Says Dvi$hi When Dvi$hi returned to Denmark, he started freestyling in both Danish and English, but he also started writing lyrics. He started releasing his Danish tracks under the name Guldtand (Gold tooth) and streamed quite well. Subsequently, he signed a distribution agreement for 5 songs with Universal Music Denmark. The agreement expired and subsequently Dvi$hi decided that something new should happen. He changed his name from Guldtand to Dvi$hi and decided that both the sound and the language should be international. He therefore decided to express himself in both Spanish and English. Music has always been Dvi$hi's faithful companion and has therefore had a huge impact on his life. He is an artist to keep an eye on in 2022.

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Unusual Waters

Unusual Waters

With 20+ years combined experience as touring, recording, and producing musicians Lars Asger and Christian trier has now teamed up in their own studio under the name, Unusual Waters. They create original, contemporary bespoke compositions for both films and tv as well as cutting edge pop productions. As musicians they’ve played and written music in a variety of styles and genres - from 20s jazz to today's cutting-edge pop – The duo has recently completed their master’s degrees in Music & Composition from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. They specialize in creating engaging and dynamic compositions through traditional songwriting - combined with a modern Nordic sonic touch suiting today’s demand.

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Lightchapter is a new danish metal act from Aarhus. Founded by musicians from well-known acts, such as The Burning, Diamond Drive, The Hive Mind, The Silent Low - Lightchapter combines modern metal with a mixture of nostalgic 80’s synthesizers, catchy and melodic/epic hooks, and a little touch of Rock and Roll. Listeners who like bands such as Gojira, In Flames, Bring Me the Horizon etc., will probably find Lightchapter interesting, so if heavy groovy metal, deep growls and catchy melodies are in your book of heavy metal - Lighchapter might be your poison! The bands EP is produced by legendary Danish producer Tue Madsen who has worked with artists like Meshuggah, Sick of It All, Behemoth, The Haunted and many more. The band’s debut single “Dislocated” ended up on three PANDORA playlists when it was released July 9th - 2021. NEW METAL, NEW METAL NOW AND THIS YEAR IN METAL. Mikkel Ottosen • Vokal & Guitar; Tobias Høst • Trommer; Kalle Herborg • Bas; Anders Berg • Guitar

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Space Invaders, BMX, C64 & VHS – JNNY COBRA is the new soundtrack to the 80’s! All though no real evidence exists, it´s a public-secret that young JNNY during his prime teen-age years in the late 80s was abducted by an unidentified phenomenon and infused with extraterrestrial sonics and VHS technology. But it would take almost 20 years before JNNY would find his place in the world and put these supernatural abilities good use. Instead JNNY spend most of his 20s and 30s focusing all his power into making bad decisions as he traveled Europe, fighting crime and helping old ladies across the road as front man in legendary Danish Death Metal act The Burning. JNNY spend the next few years watching low quality Sci-fi flicks, making videogames, inventing pizza and securing his rightful place at the top of the Japanese YO-YO community. During one of many secret CIA missions, JNNY was bitten by a radio-active snake and received first degree acid-burns to his face and can now only be seen in public wearing a Spock mask. Join JNNYs crusade against all things boring, and take a rollercoaster ride where synth pop, detuned basses, horror movie samples and Heavy Metal go hand in hand on his debut album DISCO AGGRO SESSIONS.

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Stine Vega

Stine Vega

She has been called "Danish rock's biggest secret" and is referred to by colleagues in the music industry as one of Denmark's best songwriters. November 2020 Stine Vega will release her debut album "THE FUNERAL" which has been over 12 years in the making.

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Karen Méndez

Karen Méndez

Karen Méndez is the female revolution, that was missing in the Latin music scene. With more than 4,78 Mio. subscribers and more than 818 million views, the numbers are overwhelming.

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Mount Rushmore Safari

Mount Rushmore Safari

Somewhere in between equal amounts of indie rock, and new wave, this Copenhagen three-piece aim for the clouds with songs that are extremely hard to let go, once let in. With a unique vocal sound, and guitar driven melodies keeping the upbeat choruses alive, Mount Rushmore Safari is perfectly fit as soundtrack for a cruise down any given highway.

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Lyra Vega

Lyra Vega

LYRA VEGA is a grandiose and cinematic pop duo who works with the theatrical aspects in music. They're drawing inspiration from the all-consuming world of emotions and the big life changing experiences. The…

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Pacific Swell

Pacific Swell

Pacific Swell is the sound of the days, where the few glimpses remaining from the night before shares bed with regret and the heat insisting on keeping you awake. Stuck between waves and…

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LOS is a danish Drone/Roots project created by the multi-instrumentalist Søren Sol. It takes its roots into Nordic shaman art and traditions. Søren Sol is also known for his involvement as a bassist…

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