Consisting of two vocalists with similar and yet distinctive sounds the copenhagenbased duo Audrey often take turns within a song, creating a collective output intertwining their vocals into one big sound, mixed with fuzzed guitars, and dreamy synthesizers.

Olivia von Bülow (vocals, synth) and Emilie Dam Ohrt (vocals, guitar) met in school and started writing songs together. Combining their taste for dreamy synth pop acts like Cocteau Twins and Beach House with an interest in catchy, sugary melodies they slowly started creating the sound that would become Audrey. Their first single This City mixes fuzzed guitar and dreamy vocals with lyrics describing the feeling you get walking around in a strange city, alienated, but not all alone because the city is keeping you company. Somewhere between atmospheric synths, catchy harmonies and kitschy details This City manages to capture that feeling of existing somewhere between the street noise and the neon lights.