Stine Vega

Stine Vega

She has been called “Danish rock’s biggest secret” and is referred to by colleagues in the music industry as one of Denmark’s best songwriters. November 2020 Stine Vega will release her debut album “THE FUNERAL” which has been over 12 years in the making.

Stine Vegas’ musical career was kicked off back in 2002 with her debut album “StripClubJunkies”, which she recorded with the band of the same name. They were the “Single of the Week” on P3 with the single “StripClubJunkie” and with the hit single “T-shirt man”.

New Album

However, the sequel to the album, which was supposed to be released in 2009 and constitute Stine’s solo breakthrough, never got further than to the mixing desk in the Medley Studio. An admission to a psychiatric ward, due to an escalating bipolar disorder, put the music career on hold.

-I simply could not anymore, so I took a bone-chilling, forced divorce from the music, says Stine Vega. 

The road back to music has been long and bumpy and has taken at times gloomy detours into the nooks and crannies of the mind. Nonetheless, Stine Vega is now back with new courage to do what she does best.

The Funeral

The album The Funeral consists of 10 tracks that, with a dynamic, dreamy and cinematic sound universe, lead the mind to great distances and a strong americana tradition ala Neil Young and Tom Waits. At the same time, Stine manages to hit the nail on the head with her skinny and vulnerable lyrics

– For me, music is about a feeling, a mood, about getting the monster up to charge. I am and will be a Billie Holiday text… longing, melancholy and infinitely heartbroken, says Stine.

The album has been revived in collaboration with Søren Andersen (Electric Guitars, Jesper Binzer and Glenn Huges) and a handful of the country’s most talented musicians, who also assist names such as Electric Guitars, Mads Langer, Claus Hempler and Love Shop.

WRITTEN ABOUT STINE VEGA (who previously made music under the name Stine Larsen):

“Together with her band, Stine Vega also finds the very core of the composition and its perfect balance between horror, sarcasm and painful love.”B.T.

“Danish rock’s biggest secret, Stine Vega from Stripclubjunkies, ‘sings’ so the hairs stand up and the world listens.”Torben Bille

“Keep an eye on Stine Vega”GAFFA