Calming River

The name ‘Calming River’, the moniker of British songwriter Joshua Malcolm, was always intended to an oxymoron: dark, reflective, alternative-folk, inspired by the troubadours before him and the failing social-political climate around him, Malcolm aimed to leave the listener in a state of anxiety with his music, that would conflict the stage name connotations. Nevertheless, with intricate guitar playing and a soothing sound, the oxymoron wears thin: many an audience have admired Malcolm for his technical artistry to the extent that the name becomes apt. Malcolm has, however, always swam against the mainstream in acknowledging and playing to such, often uncomfortable to let people close or the enigma rest. Malcolm blends elements of classical guitar with folk, blues and slowcore. Inspirations and comparisons are often drawn to Nick Drake and Jose Gonzalez, with Malcolm adding Mark Kozelek, Skip James, Mark Lanegan and Mike Johnson as fundamental influences in shaping his sound. Debut EP Afflict and Redeem (2014) and second release The Ones That Left Behind (2015) reflect such. A travelling songsmith, Malcolm has played and lived in many countries. Whilst in Denmark, collaboration with musician and producer Rasmus Nielsen commenced, with the pair combining for singles For The Echoes To See (2017) and Anniversary (2017). On the back of positive reviews the duo were invited to play the esteemed Fanø Folk Festival in 2018. Shortly after double-single Haunted was released, a tribute to another huge influence (the late Jason Molina), with Malcolm playing numerous shows in the UK and Iceland. More music is penned for 2019.