. Ral

The trio Ral (trans.: gravel/death rattle) was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in early 2018 and has
quickly managed to put together an effective hard rock set. The sound is reminiscent of the 90’s
grunge scene but is delivered with a refreshing tongue in cheek style, which makes the live show a
living, unpretentious rock’n’roll experience that thrives in 2020. The band is inspired by groups like
BRMC, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Band of Skulls, Soundgarden, Arctic Monkeys and Graveyard.

Ral’s vision is to be a band without limits musically, but with a focus on strong songwriting with
effective hooks and catchy melodies. The goal is to make audiences sing along with uncompromising
rock that does not slavishly follow classic rock conventions or -forms. With old, yellow vintage gear
and ugly hair, Ral is prepared to reinvigorate Danish rock and push it as far as possible.

In September 2018, Ral published their debut EP, A Fool’s Errand. The music was recorded live at the Output Studio, Aarhus with producer Andreas Linnemann, and at Ral’s own studio. The music is mixed/mastered by Magnus Vad Rasmussen at Feedback Studiet, Aarhus.


Through the nostalgia trip and a new interpretation of past formulae, Ral does anything but what
the times expect of them. Through corrosive melancholy and encircling melodies, Ral has found
something long-
lost. With A Fool’s Errand, Ral unites to ages that have long been disconnected.

/ GAFFA (Danish)

“There is a bit of the 00’s alternative rock and 90’s grunge scene, in fact some of the songs would
not sound out of place in an Alice In Chains context. There are vocal harmonies and double-vocal,
which is rarely a bad thing in my book.”

/ GFR (Danish)

In September-October 2018, Ral joined BAEST and I’LL BE DAMNED as support for their national fall
tour, Geder & Forbandelser (trans.: Goats and Curses), which counted ten shows at some of the very
finest venues in Denmark, counting amongst others Vega (Cph) and Voxhall (Aarhus) (full list below).