Frederik Sass Meyer

Frederik Sass Meyer is a Danish composer and music producer renowned for his diverse expertise in film scoring, sound design, music for TV commercials, electronic music, and commercial songwriting. Born and raised in Denmark, Frederik developed an unwavering passion for music from an early age, which laid the foundation for his career in the music industry.

Frederik graduated from “The Royal Academy of Music” in Aarhus, Denmark, where he finished his masters in electronic music composition and refined his understanding of music, composition techniques, and sound engineering and overall improved his skills as a composer and musician. Throughout his career, Frederik has showcased his versatility by delving into various music genres and collaborating on a multitude of projects. His ability to seamlessly transition between different musical styles, with everything from hip hop, rock, pop to cinematic scores, as well as creating captivating compositions has earned him a broad set of skills. One notable achievement in Frederik’s career was his involvement in the award-winning short documentary, “The Gallerist,” as well as the short-documentary “Safe Here”, where Frederik’s evocative and emotionally charged music, perfectly complemented the narrative.

Whether it’s creating sonic landscapes for trailers or crafting intricate electronic compositions, Frederik’s artistic vision and technical prowess shine through in every project he undertakes.