LOS is a danish Drone/Roots project created by the multi-instrumentalist Søren Sol. It takes its roots into Nordic shaman art and traditions. Søren Sol is also known for his involvement as a bassist in the Viking Folk Rock band Krauka who have released 8 albums and played concerts worldwide. Musically, Solblót explores the same universe as Dead Can DanceWardrunaHeilung or Popol Vuh. Los immerses itself in the force of heavy and ritual rhythms, shamanistic vocals in great sound universes, connected to our deep roots.

LOS will release their debut album Solblót digitally and on vinyl through the record company Strange Aeons Records on June 14.

Solblót  takes takes the listener on an inner journey, weaved around the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Bringing many layers, depth, feelings and moods into the journey that is open for the listener to interpret.

Solblót  is recorded by Søren Sol Koldsen-Zederkof on all instruments and voices with individual guest appearances, among others Danny Woe from Woebegone Obscured with his deep growls.

Maria Franz from Heilung has these words to say about Solblót :

“Solblot is reaching out to a place in my mind where few other musical projects gets to, the place that hungers for the dark, ancient and trancelike energy, placed in a modern context. Søren Sols voice and harmonies is a raw, haunting and authentic force that combined with his bas, ensures that Solblot is succeeding in creating their own, unique sound. Thank you for this, and congratulations on a debut that will bring joy to many followers of the dark sounds from the North:-)”