Caper Clowns

Caper Clowns released their debut album, The Buca Bus, September 2016, which was well received in both Denmark and abroad. The first single of the album, Pockets, was the popular centre of attention on the Danish national radio station P4, where the whole album received airplay on the many international web-radios. The American radio host Alan Haber from Pure Pop Radio awarded The Buca Bus debut album of the year.  

Caper Clowns are packing more than 300 gigs in their luggage, including support gigs for bands like The Broken Beats (DK), The Eclectic Moniker (DK), The Crookes (UK), not to mention Level 42 (UK). Caper Clowns also featured the IPO-festival in Liverpool on The Cavern Club for the last 2 years. Caper Clowns was formed in 2010, and the members are Rick Kingo, Peter Højgaard, Christian Højgaard and Henrik Krogh.