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NÆLDE invites you on a journey into electronic hyperpop-inspired rap music, where her first single music provokes the feeling of being restless and uncompromising. With these feelings as the foundation of her music, NÆLDE makes relevant, electronic and pumping rap pop. NÆLDE is a 23-year-old rapper, singer and producer who grew up in Birkerød, Denmark. After a couple of semesters at Jyderup Folk High School, she went from primarily singing and playing guitar to creating her own electronic productions with catchy choruses and powerful lyrics. Her musical development is rapidly accelerating and she is now part of SheCanPlay, where this development can be further nurtured. With hard and clear vocals and quirky and whimsical productions, NÆLDE welcomes you into an exuberant musical universe straight out of the upcoming scene in Northern Europe. Her productions are clearly influenced by living in Berlin and are heavily inspired by the German underground and techno. The lyricism that compliments both the songwriting and productions completes the experience of listening to NÆLDE. With a direct approach to emotions such as attraction and desire, NÆLDE's lyrics cut through the noise and paint vivid pictures from the inside of NÆLDE's dark world. As a DIY artist, NÆLDE challenges the established music industry and outdated values with a simple idea; to follow her desire to make dark electronic pop music on his own terms.

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Karen Méndez

Karen Méndez

Karen Méndez is the female revolution, that was missing in the Latin music scene. With more than 4,78 Mio. subscribers and more than 818 million views, the numbers are overwhelming.

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Mount Rushmore Safari

Mount Rushmore Safari

Somewhere in between equal amounts of indie rock, and new wave, this Copenhagen three-piece aim for the clouds with songs that are extremely hard to let go, once let in. With a unique vocal sound, and guitar driven melodies keeping the upbeat choruses alive, Mount Rushmore Safari is perfectly fit as soundtrack for a cruise down any given highway.

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Lyra Vega

Lyra Vega

LYRA VEGA is a grandiose and cinematic pop duo who works with the theatrical aspects in music. They're drawing inspiration from the all-consuming world of emotions and the big life changing experiences. The…

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