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. Ral

The trio Ral (trans.: gravel/death rattle) was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in early 2018 and hasquickly managed to put together an effective hard rock set. The sound is reminiscent of the 90’sgrunge scene…

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In Caravans Pressefoto

In Caravans

In Caravans is a psych rock band based in Aarhus. The bands sound features wide soundscapes, prominent melodious bass lines and vocals. In Caravans seeks inspiration in neo-psychedelica and alternative rock, and the…

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Easy Shapes Music

Easy Shapes

Easy Shapes became a reality in 2016. Some of the band members knew each other from other band constellations, but when all five of them met and started playing music, the chemistry was right, and the band Easy Shapes was born!  The energy and the catchy melodies comes from a broad spectrum of inspiration…

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Calming River

Calming River

The name 'Calming River', the moniker of British songwriter Joshua Malcolm, was always intended to an oxymoron: dark, reflective, alternative-folk, inspired by the troubadours before him and the failing social-political climate around him,…

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Audrey Presse


Consisting of two vocalists with similar and yet distinctive sounds the copenhagenbased duo Audrey often take turns within a song, creating a collective output intertwining their vocals into one big sound, mixed with…

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Daniel Kittow Press photo

Daniel Kittow

Daniel Kittow, is a New Zealand born music producer, composer, singer and guitarist that currently resides in Aarhus Denmark. Formerly going under the stage name 'Daniel Dumont', he has a history of performing and writing vintage soul…

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Bonnie Cried

Bonnie Cried

Bonnie Cried was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in the summer of 2013. Initially the band were brought together to perform compositions by co-frontman, Daniel Kittow (New Zealand) under his stage act “Daniel Dumont”. A decision was…

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The music is melancholic and aggressive. Threatening and beautiful. Dark and bright. Passages changing from almost silence to solid electrical rock and sometimes sounds like the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie. They call…

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Oliver Dengsø

Oliver Dengsø

With a haunting vocal Oliver Dengsø invites you into an isolated universe of memories and distorted reflections. From an ironically distanced viewpoint we glimpse a world seen from a voyeur’s view point to…

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